The Vocational Training Centre CSSMI-SWLSB results from a partnership between the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB) and Commission scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles (CSSMI). The centre will serve the English-speaking and French-speaking clienteles of the region, in a bilingual setting, starting in the fall of 2017.

The team involved in the conception and construction of this new centre is doing everything in its power to ensure that the programs will be offered in a professional environment representative of today’s labour market, where students will be able to develop the competencies required to practice a job with a great future.

Programs Offered
puce Carpentry (DVS) – Charpenterie-menuiserie (DEP)
puce Commercial and Residential Painting (DVS) – Peinture en bâtiment (DEP)
puce Preparing and Finishing Concrete (DVS) – Préparation et finition de béton (DEP)
puce Plumbing and Heating (DVS) – Plomberie et chauffage (DEP)
puce Welding and Fitting (DVS) – Soudage-montage (DEP)
puce Opening of the Centre – Fall of 2017
puce Bilingual Environment
puce Job Placement Assistance
puce Financial Assistance for Education Expenses
puce Concomitance
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